If you own a company, you spend a good part of your day managing your finances, checking on credit worthy customers and collecting on your past due invoices. We can alleviate your stress by giving you predictable cash flow, solid credit information on your customers and complete collections by our expert collections team. We also realize financing a growing business can be very challenging. If you are a start-up or you are an established company, you will eventually need more working capital and we are your solution!

What is Factoring?

Factoring is a great way to fund your business without borrowing money because it is a purchase of your accounts receivable not a loan against them. By converting your accounts receivable into cash, your company can stay current with vendors or even negotiate better rates with early payment options. By doing this you will most likely be able to offset the factoring fee and stay in good standing with your customers.


  • No surprises! Fixed percent fee on all advances
  • Try us out risk free! There are no fees to terminate the contract at any time
  • Steady, predictable cash flow - same day funding available
  • Experienced customer service and collection department
  • No customer restrictions! Ability to run with any customer you choose
  • Start-ups welcome! No minimum time required for your company to be in business
  • Free credit checks for all of your current and prospective customers
  • Online account access provides real-time, up to the minute account information
  • No minimum monthly volume! You have no monthly volume to meet and will not be charged if you run little or no invoices

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