Outsource Financial Services, Inc has been a growing thriving company that defines itself with offering superior service to its clients, especially in the ways that really matter for your business. From the top down, a yearning to satisfy its clientele in every funding, providing full attention for every communication, and going above and beyond when necessary to protect our clients financial interests at risk; are a few of the core values we live by. After all factoring is a sector in the financial services industry, when partnering your business with a factor their service level will be vital to how you manage your business, and there are a few important points to keep in consideration for your decision.
Expert Collections
Outsource clients have grown to expect and very much appreciate having an experienced staff in our collections department that will take all necessary and possible actions to ensure you receive payment for the work you have performed. While many in the industry purchase your receivables and LEAVE the responsibility of collecting to their clients, OFS knows their services and efforts can be the difference for its clients between success and failure. While we hope effective credit management will mitigate customer defaults, sometimes unforeseen creditor defaults could have certain detrimental consequences to your company’s growth, yearly bottom line, and sometimes even solvency. When the unforeseen, unpredictable occurs; having experienced skilled collections at bay WILL minimize the losses you may have endured if not protect you from any at all. We hope this happens to none of our clients, but the ones that have experienced issues will tell you that having OFS experienced collectors FIGHTING in your corner WILL be the help you need when it really matters.
Unlimited FREE Credit Checks
Many of our clients work in industries that are often very volatile credit markets. We highly encourage our clients to reach out for 24/7 access to credit checks on potential vendors, or even existing vendors, so they can make WISE credit decisions. During business hours our credit department will pull between 1 and 3 different credit reports on any vendor you plan on working with, and our experienced staff can offer well formulated insight for planning the work you might do. We TRULY understand that operating a business while extending credit terms blindly would be like steering a ship at sea with no map or compass. Rather than posting this information online for our clients to access, we encourage our clients to pull a new fresh credit report whenever they see fit, as we want them to have the MOST UP TO DATE credit information available so that they are not steering the ship with an old map or a broken compass.
We Guarantee Our Work
You as a factoring client SHOULD expect that if you have done everything needed for a funding to occur, on the very rare mistake or oversight made by our staff (we are human as well), we will do everything in our power to ensure you receive the expected funds immediately, and always absorb any additional costs incurred as a result of our mistakes, or more specifically the cost of getting the funds to you expedited. Working with a factor that stands behind its promises will earn your trust. Knowing you can trust your financial partner in business will help you rest easy things are getting done, as well as provide an accurate idea for your companies cash flows.
24/7 Access
OFS Clients can view their account status with our online portal 24 hours, 7 days a week. Invoices can be uploaded for processing at any point as well, and clients will ALWAYS have the resources needed to track the progress of their portfolio of customers. Alongside the online access during business hours our skilled highly trained staff can ALL help any client for any service related matter. After hours your account manager will also always be available, or ready to return messages left. Given there is not much that can be done when banks are closed, their assistance ability may be somewhat limited, but there are after hours issues where our experienced account managers can offer advice that can mitigate or avoid losses or help coach you in what can be done immediately or how to plan for the days to come. While many factors may have account managers that have more clients then they could feasibly handle with the day being limited to 8 hours, OFS knows it is important that you as a client can ALWAYS get the peace of mind needed knowing your factor is in your corner and working with you to ensure we both stay ahead of the those that may try and take advantage of you or your company.
Let Us Be Your Back Office
Being a business OWNER can make it difficult to be everywhere you are needed at all times. Whether you are on the road, in the air, or walking the streets to grow your business, there is often not time to be in an office or behind a computer to manage and work on your accounts receivable. This can easily create conflict when billing is time sensitive. Outsource CAN help. There will not be a day that goes by in which you can not reach one of our highly trained, eager to assist, staff members that are here to help again when you are not in a place to handle the issues yourself. Even if you are in the office and run into issues you are unfamiliar with, or unsure how to handle, OFS WANTS to help do their part in the partnership and more than likely we have experienced the issue you are unfamiliar with, it is our honor and privilege to provide this service to our clients as well.